In 2022 the Clark’s Board of Trustees initiated a new strategic plan to chart a course for the Institute’s future.

This roadmap envisions a transformational initiative that allows the Clark to implement exponential growth to fully realize the opportunities created through the recent campus expansion program.

The 2022 Strategic Plan is a framework for the Institute’s future, embracing the three key elements that define the Clark and inform every aspect of our operations: art, ideas, and nature.

After weathering the global challenges faced through the last few years, the Clark is poised to initiate a program of growth, progress, and potential—all of which is embraced in the most ambitious strategic plan in the Institute’ history.

This new strategic plan incorporates the key values of our institutional mission and vision that have guided the Clark since its opening in 1955. We recognize that the Clark of today is very different from what it was in its earliest days and we welcome the transformational energy that has allowed the Institute to grow and evolve over the last sixty-plus years.

We encourage you to read our full strategic plan and join us in imagining and realizing the Clark’s future. 

Olivier Meslay
Hardymon Director