The Clark recognizes with extreme gratitude the many generous gifts received in support of programs and operations. Click here to make a gift now.


Received since January 2021. To make a gift in honor or memory of someone, click here.

In honor of Margo and William Bowden      
The Dalzell family

In memory of David Brooke
Susan Brisette and David Cass

In memory of Anne Connington
Leslie C. Dunham

In memory of Andrew Dragat
Jane and John Allen
Joan and John Avato
Linda Dragat
Robert Finney
Lee and Lawrence Mullins
Lucie and Robert Polk
Tari Wheeler-Roosa

In memory of Sam and Dottie Edgerton
Beth & Bill McGarrigle and Family
Chris Moretzsohn and Family
Jeff & Dianne Moretzsohn and Family
Margery E. Moretzsohn Margie & Mike Riehl and Family

In memory of Andrew Helene
Laurie Dray
Elizabeth Engel
Marianna Glidden
Melissa and Lars Hem
James Lewis
Mary Ellen O’Connor
Scott Schweighauser and Liz Ellrodt
Lauren and Michael Smith

In memory of Delmaine Hughes
Jim Coy
Doreen Driscoll
Tracey Thayer and Jeff Cartwright
Ann Wilson and George Magliano
Kathlyn and Justin Wilson

In honor of Ellen Kaiser
Jeffrey Welch

In memory of Dr. Eleanor C. Kane
The Kane Family

In memory of Sandy and Lynn Laitman
Milton and Dorothy Sarnoff Raymond Foundation

In honor of Anne Leonard
Linda and David Paresky

In honor of Michael Lynch
Karen and Kevin Kennedy

In memory of Robert E. Malesardi
Maureen Fennessy Bousa and Edward P. Bousa
Diane and Andreas Halvorsen
Dena Hardymon
Susan and Patrick Landers
Elizabeth Lee
Glenn and Susan Lowry
Maud Mandel and Steve Simon
Katherine and Frank Martucci
James and Barbara Moltz
Paul Neely
Sandy and Sam Niles
Jessie and H. Charles Price
Scott Schweighauser and Liz Ellrodt
Robert and Karen Scott
Denise Littlefield Sobel
Carolyn and Helge Weiner-Trapness
Peter and Michele Willmott

In memory of Elizabeth Jeanne Mascioli
Joe, Bill, Liz, and Paul

In honor of Olivier Meslay
Elizabeth Easton and James Traub

In honor of Brian Renaud and Somchai Piraban

In honor of Adele Rodbell
Gwendolyn Dhesi

In honor of Susan Roeper
Dena M. Hardymon

In memory of Richard Roth
Diane and Marty Chesin
DAS Group of Companies
Marissa DeVito
Delight and Paul Dodyk
Elliott Dorfman
Elephant Rock Association
Margaret Goldberg
Lenore Heckler
Nancy Johnson
Phyllis Lashins
Thomas Rattigan
Janet and Marvin Rosen and family
Joan Ross
Elise and Simon Saddleton
Sheila Stein
Ellen Ussery
Kathleen Wright
Barbara Yolles and Bill Ludwig

In honor of Richard Seltzer
Elaine Kotell Binder & Richard Binder

In honor of Erika Pistorius Stamper
Catherine Attig

In memory of Janet Upjohn Stearns and Janet Wallace Ley
Janet Upjohn Sterns Charitable Trust

In honor of Anna and Matt Varney
Michael Chan

In honor of Linda Wagner and Lydia Irwin
E. Roxanne Gawthrop

In memory of Kathryn Geyer Winant
Terri Boccia
George and Natalie Lee

In honor of Robert Wiesenberger
Linda and David Paresky

In honor of Steve Wiesenberger
Jewish Federation of Cleveland

In memory of Dorothy R. Zoito and Andrew P. Zoito, Sr.
Andrew P. Zoito, Jr.


These generous individuals have made provisions in their estate plans for the Clark’s future. 

Louis A. Alexander
Andrew Appel and David Hamilton
Gerry and Bob Becker
Raphael and Jane Bernstein
Jeannene Booher
Carol and Bob Braun
Herbert and Carol Diamond
Francesca Eastman and Edward Goodstein
Claire Geller-Kolchetski
John Lynn Jones and Perry Boles Brooks
Valerie and George Kennedy
Gary Knisely
Mary Lovvorn and Rich Shotwell
Robert and Doris Fischer Malesardi
Katherine and Frank Martucci
James and Barbara Moltz
David Rodgers
Denise Littlefield Sobel
Malvina Wasserman
Hannelore Wilfert and Carl Moschner
Michele and Peter Willmott
Andrew P. Zoito, Jr.
Anonymous (3)


The following foundations, government agencies, and businesses have provided financial or tangible support, received through June 2022 and listed in alphabetical order.

Acquavella Family Foundation
Adams Community Bank
Allen & Company
Bank of America
Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation
The Boston Foundation
Center for Spain in America
The Kaleta A. Doolin Foundation
Dr. Lee MacCormick Edwards Charitable Foundation
Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund Frankenthaler Climate Initiative
Furthermore: a program of the J.M. Kaplan Fund
The Getty Foundation
Kenneth C. Griffin Charitable Fund
GRoW @ Annenberg
IFPDA Foundation
Samuel H. Kress Foundation
Edith and Herbert Lehman Foundation
Robert Lehman Foundation, Inc
The Henry Luce Foundation
The Asbjorn Lunde Foundation
The Lunder Foundation
Isabelle L. Makepeace Trust
The Manton Foundation
Massachusetts Cultural Council
Massachusetts Cultural Facilities Fund: A program of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, administered through a collaborative arrangement between MassDevelopment and the Massachusetts Cultural Council
Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities
Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism
J.P. Morgan Securities Inc.
National Endowment for the Arts
National Endowment for the Humanities
Norwegian Consulate General, New York
Prospect Hill Foundation
Milton and Dorothy Sarnoff Raymond Foundation
Savings Bank Foundation DNB
The Sea Island Foundation
SPC Print. Integrated
State Street Corporation
Janet Upjohn Stearns Charitable Trust
Terra Foundation for American Art
Sue and Edgar Wachenheim III Foundation
Malcolm Hewitt Wiener Foundation
Zubatkin Owner Representation, LLC


The Clark’s exhibition program has been strengthened by generous donations from these individuals and organizations, received through June 2022 and listed in alphabetical order:

Tauba Auerbach and Yuji Agematsu: Meander (July 16–October 16, 2022)
Thomas and Lily Beischer
Agnes Gund
Margaret and Richard Kronenberg
Katherine and Frank Martucci

Rodin in the United States: Confronting the Modern (June 18–September 18, 2022)
Acquavella Family Foundation
Jeannene Booher
Federal Council on the Arts and the Humanities
Hubert and Mireille Goldschmidt
Diane and Andreas Halvorsen
Robert D. Kraus
Robert Lehman Foundation, Inc
Richard and Carol Seltzer
Denise Littlefield Sobel
Gregory Annenberg Weingarten, GRoW @ Annenberg
Malcolm Hewitt Wiener Foundation 

Hue and Cry: French Printmaking and the Debate Over Colors (December 11, 2021–March 6, 2022)
Denise Littlefield Sobel

Competing Currents: 20th-Century Japanese Prints (November 6, 2021–January 30, 2022)
Elizabeth Lee

Dürer and After (July 17–October 3, 2021)
Denise Littlefield Sobel

Nikolai Astrup: Visions of Norway (June 19–September 19, 2021)
Diane and Andreas Halvorsen
Asbjorn Lunde Foundation, Inc
Norwegian Consulate General, New York
Savings Bank Foundation DNB
Richard and Carol Seltzer 

Claude & Francois-Xavier Lalanne: Nature Transformed (May 8–October 31, 2021) 
Jeannene Booher
Furthermore: a program of the J.M. Kaplan Fund
Kenneth C. Griffin Charitable Fund
Agnes Gund
Robert D. Kraus
Sylvia and Leonard Marx
Denise Littlefield Sobel

Ground/work (October 7, 2020October 17, 2021)  
Susan Adler
Lee and Bob Albern
Robert Aliber
Therese Allen
Kristen and James Allen
Robert Alter and Lisa DeLima
Shirley Anderson and Robert Fisher
Edward Baptiste and Wendy Philbrick
Karl Barbir and Cathleen Barrett
Frank Barrie
Molly and John Beard
Elizabeth Beaudoin
Linda and Charles Becker
Jill and Ned Benedict
Joan Benjamin and Laurence Cherkis
George Bergen
Amy Bernstein
Irene Bernstein
Elmer and Olga Bertsch
Linda and Robert Bicknell
Joan Blair
Sydelle and Lee Blatt
Carolyn and Nelson Bonheim
Jeannene Booher
Maureen Fennessy Bousa and Edward P. Bousa
Kathleen Braden and Gerald Keusch
Gayl Braisted
Shirley Brandman and Howard Shapiro
Jane Briggs
Susan and Stephen Brown
Gaye Brown
Ronald Brown
Lynn Buckner
Robert Buckwalter
Judith and Frederick Buechner
Helen and Warren Buhler
Stephen Bullock
Madeline Burke-Vigeland and Nils Vigeland
Rinda and Lewis Burleigh
Betsy Burris and Brad Wells
Mary Virginia Burrus
Margaret Byrnes
Joshua Cantor-Stone
John Carroll
John Carver
Kay and Elliot Cattarulla
Rebecca and Daniel Cellana
Carolyn Truesdell and John Cheney
Kate and Lynn Christianson
Kathy and Stanley Cichanowski
Susan Stetson Clarke
Libby and Philip Clay
Carl Clemente
Richard and Robin Clutz
Lori Cohen and Christopher Rothko
J. D. Cole and Sheila McElwaine
Michele Cole and Brendan Rafferty
Ralph Colin, Jr.
Carol Cone
Karen Conlin and Raymond McGarrigle
Ann and Thomas Connolly
Françoise and Joseph Connors
Linda G. Conway
Liz and Tom Costley
Pamela Cothey
Countryside Landscaping & Design Inc
Tom and Melissa Cragg
Dianne Cutillo and Bernard Pinsonnault
Pamela and Peter D'Ambrosio
Emily Daunis and Daniel Wallis
Paul J. David, MD
Elizabeth de Rham
Michael Deep
Christian Dewailly and Elizabeth Garger
Deborah and Edward Dickinson
Maureen and Jack Dietze
Jay E. Dubé
Kathryn and Gerald Dudding
Francesca Eastman and Edward Goodstein
Robert Eddy
Julia Eddy and Dan Mayer
Barbara and Michael Eisenson
Dede Emerson
Mary Jo and Walter Engels
Ellen and Thomas Ennis
Kathleen Erickson and Robert Grace
Ellen Gail and Rhon Ernest-Jones
Maribeth and Philip Eugene
Gintare Everett
Suzanne and Richard Farley
Deborah Fehr
Cornelia and Robert Ferguson
Jay Fisher
Juliet Flynt
Sarah Foehl
Diane Forsyth and William Frazier
Mary M. Fuqua
Thomas Fynan and William Loutrel
Magda Gabor-Hotchkiss
Janet Gain
John and Virginia Gajewski
Peter Gale
Nancy Gaudette
Claire Geller-Kolchetski
Michelle Gersen and Michael Zweig
Anne and Michael Gershon
Susan Gold
Janice and David Golden
Ellen and Alan Goldner
Jill Goodman
Michael Gordon
Cheryl Gowie and Daniel Schmidt
Philip Gray and Janet Travers
Wendy and Joel Greenberg
Walter and Carla Gunn
Christel Hagen
Carmela and Paul Haklisch
Ellen and Scott Hand
Mary Ellen and Gates Hawn
Anne and Thomas Haxo
Ughetta Hirsch
Diane and Robert Hitter
Patti and Daniel Holland
Margaret Hornick and Brian Conolly
Susan and Joseph Horton
Jennifer Howlett and Mark Stevens
Nicholas Hruch
Joan and Jim Hunter
Christopher Huyck and Jane Perkins-Huyck
Charles Ihlenfeld and William Packard
Anne Isbister and Christopher Ballog
Barbara and Alan Jacobs
Phyllis and Joseph Jaffe
Monique Jalbert
Stephen and Lisa Jenks
Stephanie Johnson and Charles Bonenti
L. Katherin Jones
Eric and Laura Jordahl
Rachel and Mike Judlowe
Sue and Dennis Kaufman
Jane Keener and Paul Janssens
Anne Kelly and Mark Van Wormer
Sandy Kelly and Marjorie Chamberlain
Patricia and William Kenney
Elaine Kersten and Laurence Cadorette
James Kettlewell
Diana and Thomas Killip
Debbie and Tony King
Del and Georgette Kinney
Gay Klaus-Scarborough
Gloria and Eric Koster
Margaret and Richard Kronenberg
John Kurkland
Laurie LaChapelle and David Leach
Terry Lamb
Kate and Chet Lasell
Patricia Leach
Elizabeth Lee
Natalie and George Lee
Robert Lee
Julie and Benedict Leerburger
Alan Lesser
Andrew Levin
Howard and Barbara Levine
Marion and Peter London
Kathy and David Lord
Mary Ann and Ralph Lowen
Constance and Nancy Luther
William Macanka
Turi MacCombie and David Neelon
Sarah Marshall
Nancy J. McIntire
Kathy and Philip McKnight
Ruth and Stephen Melville
Anne Melvin and Daniel Sullivan
Faith Menken
Carol Messerschmitt
Susan Miller
Ann and John Milliman
Patricia Mion
James and Barbara Moltz
Jacqueline Moran and Megan Karlen
Judy Moss
Anne and Charles Mott
Melanie Mowinski and Douglas Molin
Mary and Stephen Muller
Katherine Nahum
Lisa and Tony Nasch
Carol and Steven Nash
Regina Nash
National Endowment for the Humanities: Exploring the human endeavor
Pauline and Richard Nault
Paul Neely
Brenda Nelson
Beth and Richard Nesbitt
Dana and Lukasz Niedzielski
Robert Nottke
Matt and Greta Noyes
Lisa and Charles O'Brien
Ana Maria Olivo and James Hoch
Angela and Joseph Orsene
Harmon Pardoe
Chrystina and James Parks
Patricia and Stephen Peters
Rosamond and Ronald Pietras
Margot and Leonard Platt
Vsevolod Popov
Carla Procaskey and Anthony Falanders
Ramelle and Michael Pulitzer
Mary Ann and Bruno Quinson
Judith and Lawrence Raab
Margaret and Jay Rachfal
Janet and John Rausch
Cornelia and Wallis Reid
Donnie Richman
Janet Romano and Theodore Jadick
Lyn and Allen Rork
Linda Rose
Karen Rosenberg
Sabina and Alex Rosenblum
Georgeanne and Jean Rousseau
Ann and Alfred Ruesch
Cecelia and George Rufo
A. William Rutter, Jr.
Vicki Safram
Vicki and Scott Saltzman
Carl Samuelson
Elizabeth Sayman
Amy and Charlie Scharf
Mary Beth Schiffman and David Tochen
Cynthia and Wayne Schneider
Rosalie and David Schottenfeld
Nan Schow
Karen and Robert Scott
Harriet Seeley
Monica and John Shanahan
Lynn and Daniel Shapiro
Molly O'Meara-Sheehan and Joseph E. Sheehan III
Irene Shen
Judith Shepherd and Larry Silver
Jo-Anne Sherburne
Sally and Robert Silberberg
Cynthia and William Simon
Anne Skinner and Gordon Squire
Anthony and Anne Smeglin
Barbara Smith
Mitchell and Alison Smith
S. Wylie Smith
Janis Smythe
Denise Littlefield Sobel
Stefanie Solum and Peter Starenko
SPC Print. Integrated
Deborah and Wayne Sprague
Carol and Bob Stegeman
Tamanika Steward
Jonathan Swartz
Roberta Sweet and Amanda Greenwood
Diane and Michael Taylor
Frederic Taylor
Richard Tedoldie
Terra Foundation for American Art
Joseph C. Thompson
Laurie and Peter Thomsen
Jane and William H. Told, Jr.
Jesse Tran and Loren Brink
Paul Trela
William Verry
Royall Victor III
Hedda W. von Goeben
Susy and Jack Wadsworth
In honor of Marilyn and Ronald Walter
Beth and Dustin Wees
Carolyn and Helge Weiner-Trapness
Candace Weir
Londa Weisman and Sidney Knafel
Alleson White
Anne and Alexander White
Maryalice Widness and Philip Schenck
Hannelore Wilfert and Karl Moschner
Dr. and Mrs. Harold A. Wilkinson
James Wilson
Paul Wing
Eileen Wolff
Susan Wolfthal
Cynthia Wood and Edward Perry
Lillian Woodworth
Sharon and Harvey Yorke
Kathi Young and Andy Masetti
Anonymous (4)