Celebrate a special event or honor a special someone—and help the Clark achieve its mission. Making a donation through the Clark’s Tribute Giving program is not only the perfect way to commemorate a person or event, but also a way to provide support for the Clark’s collections, programs, and research.

When you make a tribute gift, the recipient receives an attractive notification card announcing the gift made in his or her honor. The amount of the gift is not disclosed. You’ll receive a receipt for your tax-deductible donation, as well as the Clark’s deepest appreciation.

For more information on making a gift, please call the Advancement Office at 413 458 0616 or give online now.


TRIBUTES MADE since January 1, 2022

In honor of Daphne Birdsey
Diana Faust


In honor of Margo and William Bowden
The Dalzell Family


In memory of David Brooke
Susan Brisette and David Cass


In memory of Ruth and George Bullock
Bruce Bullock


In honor of Christina Danese
Carole Lalli


In memory of Andrew Dragat
Tari S. Wheeler-Roosa
Jane B. Allen
Lawrence Mullins
Robert Polk
Robert Finney
Jane Avato
 Linda Dragat


In memory of Sam and Dottie Edgerton
Beth & Bill McGarrigle and Family
Chris Moretzsohn and Family 
Jeff & Diane Moretzohn and Family

Margery E. Moretzohn

Margie & Mike Riehl and Family


In memory of Judith Kittredge
Caroline Kittredge
Christopher Kittredge
Judith Kittredge Anderson


In memory of Sandy and Lynn Laitman
Milton and Dorothy Sarnoff Raymond Foundation


In honor of Anne Leonard and Robert Wiesenberger


In memory of Janet Upjohn Stearns and Janet Wallace Ley
Janet Upjohn Sterns Charitable Trust


In honor of Michael Lynch
Karen and Kevin Kennedy


In memory of Robert E. Malesardi
Doris Malesardi


In honor of Olivier Meslay
Elizabeth Easton
David Rothschild


In honor of Brian Renaud and Somchai Piraban

In celebration of Emmelyn B. Butterfield-Rosen

Suzanne Butterfield Rosen and Stuart Rosen

 In honor of Susan Roeper
Dena M. Hardymon

In honor of Richard Seltzer
Elaine Kotell Binder and Richard Binder

In honor of Denise Sobel
Joan and Jim Hunter
Agnes and John Leyden


In honor of Steven Wiesenberger
Richard S. Rivitz


In memory of Dorothy R. Zoito and Andrew P. Zoito, Sr.
Andrew P. Zoito, Jr.