Celebrate a special event or honor a special someone—and help the Clark achieve its mission. Making a donation through the Clark’s Tribute Giving program is not only the perfect way to commemorate a person or event, but also a way to provide support for the Clark’s collections, programs, and research.

When you make a tribute gift, the recipient receives an attractive notification card announcing the gift made in their honor. The amount of the gift is not disclosed. You’ll receive a receipt for your tax-deductible donation, as well as the Clark’s deepest appreciation.

You can further recognize someone in a tangible way with a commemorative plaque on the distinctive, seasonal Adirondack chairs located near the Reflecting Pool. This option is available for combined gifts of at least $5,000.  

For more information on making a gift, please call the Advancement Office at 413 458 0616 or give online now.


Received since January 2023. To make a gift in honor or memory of someone, click here.

In Honor of Terri Boccia, Esther Bell, and Rob Wiesenberger 
Margaret and Richard Kronenberg 

In Celebration of Stephanie "Sesame" Campbell 
Jan and Lloyd Constantine

In Honor of Lucas Cowen 
Audrey and Ralph Friedner 

In Memory of Ruth Dillow 
Barbara Fiddler 

In Honor of Linda Dragat 
Elaine Paster 
Lyn and Mike Robertson 
Carolyn Stulburg 

In Honor of S. Lane Faison 
Leon Steinmetz 

In Honor of Robert J. Geniesse 
Jane Geniesse 

In Honor of Carl Gerard 
Mary Anne Fox 

In Celebration of Nancy Gerard 
Deborah and Alan Lattime 

In Memory of Walter and Sally Gibson 
Estate of Walter and Sally Gibson 

In Honor of Marc Gotlieb 
Emmelyn Butterfield-Rosen 

In Honor of Leslie John and James Roche 
Amy West 

In Memory of Eleanor C. Kane, M.D. 
Kane Family Discretionary Trust 

In Celebration of Margaret Kronenberg 
Elizabeth and Edmund Parnes  

In Memory of Sandy and Lynn Laitman 
Milton and Dorothy Sarnoff Raymond Foundation 

In Memory of Janet Wallace Ley 
Janet Upjohn Stearns Charitable Trust PV 1034 

In Honor of Dr. Christopher W. London 
David Hutchinson 

In Honor of Michael Lynch 
Karen A. & Kevin W. Kennedy Foundation 
Nancy Whitaker 

In Honor of Lily McGartland 
Elaine Paster 

In Honor of Olivier Meslay 
Elizabeth Easton and James Traub 

In Memory of Amber Newman and her beauty, strength, and life. 
Kelli and Brian Davis 

In Honor of Bridget Rigas  
Charlotte Davis 

In Memory of Annaphie Madeleine Rogers 
Susan Manatt and Jeremy Rogers 

In Memory of Richard Roth  
Jenifer Fleming Ives 
Leslie B. Roth 

In Memory of Sam Simon 
Maud Mandel and Steve Simon 

In Honor of Denise Littlefield Sobel 
Jane Britton 
Todd Jick 
Agnes and John Leyden 
Janet Littlefield 

In Memory of Shirley Taetle 
Anne and Alan Taetle 

In Memory of Melinda Tanzman 
Burton Shapiro 

In Honor of David and Tara Troob 
Debbie Brant 

In Memory of Dorothy R. and Andrew P. Zoito, Sr. 
Andrew P. Zoito, Jr.