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Celebrate a special event or honor a special someone—and help the Clark achieve its mission. Making a donation through the Clark’s Tribute Giving program is not only the perfect way to commemorate a person or event, but also a way to provide support for the Clark’s collections, programs, and research.

When you make a tribute gift, the recipient receives an attractive notification card announcing the gift made in his or her honor. The amount of the gift is not disclosed. You’ll receive a receipt for your tax-deductible donation, as well as the Clark’s deepest appreciation.


TRIBUTES MADE since January 1, 2020

In memory of Herbert S. Adler
Susan Adler

In honor of Kristen Buckwalter and Rachel Webb, LMSW
Karen W. Clark

In honor of Anne and Charles Connington
Lois Connington

In memory of Carl C. and Felicia M. S. Dauterman
Eunice Dauterman Maguire
Dana Dauterman Ricciardi
Merrill Dauterman Wheeler

In memory of Andrew Helene
Laurie Dray
Elizabeth Engel
Marianna Glidden
Melissa and Lars Hem
James Lewis
Mary Ellen O’Connor
Scott Schweighauser and Liz Ellrodt
Lauren and Michael Smith

In honor of Ellen Kaiser
Jeffrey Welch

In memory of Sandy and Lynn Laitman
Milton and Dorothy Sarnoff Raymond Foundation

In memory of Robert E. Malesardi
Maureen Fennessy Bousa and Edward P. Bousa
Diane and Andreas Halvorsen
Dena Hardymon
Susan and Patrick Landers
Elizabeth Lee
Glenn and Susan Lowry
Maud Mandel and Steve Simon
Katherine and Frank Martucci
James and Barbara Moltz
Paul Neely
Sandy and Sam Niles
Jessie and H. Charles Price
Scott Schweighauser and Liz Ellrodt Robert and Karen Scott
Denise Littlefield Sobel
Carolyn and Helge Weiner-Trapness
Peter and Michele Willmott

In memory of Elizabeth Jeanne Mascioli
Joe, Bill, Liz, and Paul

In memory of Kendra McNabb
Cheryl and George Gorton

In honor of Adele Rodbell
Gwendolyn Dhesi

In memory of Richard Roth
Diane and Marty Chesin
DAS Group of Companies
Marissa DeVito
Delight and Paul Dodyk
Elliott Dorfman
Elephant Rock Association
Margaret Goldberg
Lenore Heckler
Nancy Johnson
Phyllis Lashins
Thomas Rattigan
Janet and Marvin Rosen and family
Joan Ross
Elise and Simon Saddleton
Sheila Stein
Ellen Ussery
Kathleen Wright
Barbara Yolles and Bill Ludwig

In honor of Carol and Richard Seltzer
Valerie and Allen Hyman

In honor of Erika Pistorius Stamper
Catherine Attig

In memory of Janet Upjohn Stearns and Janet Wallace Ley
Janet Upjohn Sterns Charitable Trust

In honor of Anna and Matt Varney
Michael Chan

In honor of Linda Wagner and Lydia Irwin
E. Roxanne Gawthrop

In honor of Ron and Marilyn Walter
Alison Walter
Amy Walter

In memory of Kathryn Geyer Winant
Terri Boccia
George and Natalie Lee

In memory of Dorothy R. Zoito and Andrew P. Zoito, Sr.
Andrew P. Zoito, Jr.