Ground/work is free and open to the public, night and day. No tickets are required.


Ground/work installations are located throughout the Clark’s campus, and no tickets are required. We invite you to explore the sculptures in any order and experience the natural surroundings. 

  • A walk to view all of the works in the exhibition will take approximately two hours at a leisurely pace, traversing about two miles and including an upward climb to reach the top of Stone Hill.
  • The activity level required is moderate. There are some sections of uneven or steep terrain.
  • Sturdy footwear will be helpful; at times the ground can be muddy.
  • Be mindful of available daylight and weather conditions.
  • Practice safe social distancing while walking the trails.
  • Wear sunscreen and tick protection.
  • You may encounter wildlife, large and small, on our grounds, as well as pastured cows. The cows are friendly but prefer not to be approached.
  • Restrooms are available inside the Clark Center, Manton Research Center, and Lunder Center during open hours. Outdoor restrooms are available at the Clark Center’s orientation booth at all times during temperate weather.



For information on accessibility and other inquiries, please consult our Visitor Services team at any of our admissions desks or call 413 458 2303. Advance queries can also be sent via email to [email protected].

In case of emergency or injury while walking the trails, dial 911. After placing a 911 call, please call 413 458 0412 to notify the Clark’s Security Department of your location.