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The Research and Academic Program organizes a variety of scholarly events throughout the year that are free and open to the public. These events include lectures by our fellows in residence, talks by invited scholars, curatorial roundtables, and other special events, in addition to the biannual Clark Conference.


February 27, 2024—Littoral Law: The Cosmosis Of Charles Gaines’s Manifestos 4 and Sky Box II (2020) with Sora Han (University of California, Irvine / Critical Race Theory and Visual Culture Fellow)

March 5, 2024—Image Made Flesh: Black Representation, Material Archives, and Contemporary Desire with Erica Moiah James (University of Miami / Clark/Oakley Humanities Fellow)

March 12, 2024—A Less Binary Art History Is Possible with Kirstin Ringelberg (Elon University / The Kaleta A. Doolin Foundation Fellow)

April 2, 2024—Icon Pedestals in Ancient Japan: Sinitic Cosmoscapes and Sovereign Symbolics Beneath the Buddha with Cynthea J. Bogel (Kyushu University / Beinecke Fellow)

April 5, 2024—The Compromised Art of Parasitical Resistance with Anna Watkins Fisher (University of Michigan)

April 9, 2024—Edgar Degas on the Life of Matter and the Matter of Art with Michelle Foa (Tulane University / Florence Gould Foundation Fellow)

April 23, 2024—At Home in the Woods: The Surprising History of Race and Wilderness in New York's Adirondack Mountains with Daegan Miller

April 30, 2024—Where are Black Brazilian Artists in the History of Afro-Diasporic Art? with Igor Simões (State University of Rio Grande do Sul / Clark Fellow)

May 7, 2024—Putting the Mounds in Perspective with Michael Gaudio (University of Minnesota / Clark Professor 2023–2024)

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RAP also organizes and invites proposals for year-round scholarly colloquia and exhibition concept workshops. These more intimate, semi-private convenings allow for sustained inquiry into a particular subject or theme. You may find more information about how to propose a scholarly convenings here.