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in the foreground: object Studies

The Research and Academic Program presents In the Foreground: Object Studies, a podcast on art and the ways it connects us to places, individual experiences, and one another. Each of these short ten-minute meditations will introduce you to a single work of art seen through the eyes of an art historian, from graduate students in the Williams Graduate Program in the History of Art to our senior Clark fellows.

Object Studies Season – Coming june 29

“The Color of Emergency”: Joan Kee (University of Michigan) on Chao-chen Yang’s Apprehension

“A Rebuke to Polite Masculinity”: Charles Keiffer (Williams College) on Thomas Patch’s British Gentlemen at Sir Horace Mann’s Home in Florence 

“The Erosion of History”: Samantha Page (Clark Art Institute) on Hung Liu’s Migrant Mother 

“The Status of the Human”: Amy Freund (Southern Methodist University) on the first French Hunting Portrait

“It Looks like How Jazz Sounds”: Jordan Horton (Williams College) on Romare Bearden’s The Dove

“Always About to Take Place”: Glenn Peers (Syracuse University) on the Byzantine Chapel Frescoes at the Menil Collection

Episodes can be found on iTunes, Spotify, and anywhere else you listen to podcasts. All episodes will be available starting on June 29.


In the Foreground: Object Studies is produced by Caitlin Woolsey, with additional support provided by Samantha Page, Caro Fowler, and Alice Matthews, with theme music by lightchaser, and editing and music by John Buteyn.