Clark Lectures, offered by Clark Fellows, present recent research to members of the academic community. Interested members of the public are welcome to attend. In addition, the Clark regularly offers public lectures on a variety of art-related subjects for general audiences.
During the academic year, Clark Lectures take place on Tuesdays at 5:30 pm. Refreshments are served.


The Clark Conference has remained the intellectual cornerstone of academic programming. The past fourteen conferences have addressed a wide range of subjects—including photography, the anthropologies of art, the role of the art historian, and emerging methodologies in Asian art—while providing an international forum for the discussion raised by the study, presentation, and exploration of art. The conferences culminate in the publication of a volume in the ongoing series Clark Studies in the Visual Arts, published by the Clark Art Institute and distributed by Yale University Press. 


Clark Conversations add an intimate dimension to scholarly life at the Institute. In some conversations, Clark Fellows or short-term visiting scholars discuss their personal intellectual histories and commitments to the profession in a relaxed setting. In others, scholars debate current issues in art history without a prescribed script, before an informal audience.


The Clark sponsors colloquia—small, semi-private gatherings of researchers who wish to discuss topics of mutual interest, perhaps in preparation for a book. Colloquia focus on an array of themes spanning the history and historiography of art.


Clark Symposia offer scholars the opportunity to gather with other experts to discuss a topic, theme, or artist's work. Symposia bring together international panels for intense discussion and debate in a public forum.

Curator Roundtables

Curatorial roundtables allow collaboration among curators who are at the very earliest stage of an exhibition’s development, when the ideas are still germinal. Such a gathering assists curators in deepening and refining the idea driving their exhibition.


The Research and Academic Program often collaborates with several other institutions by mounting joint seminars that address many of the crucial questions confronting the field of art history that are of interest to both their scholars and the Clark's.

Workshops are typically devoted to intensive discussion of topical readings and presentations, as well as to critical responses to new papers by the participants on the chosen issue. Most of the workshops have been the result of collaborations with other research institutes, including the Council on Library and Information Services (CLIR), Getty Research Institute (Los Angeles), Institut national d’histoire d’lart (Paris), and the Pulitzer Foundation (St. Louis).

CLIR Colloquia

In collaboration with the Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR), these colloquia sought to explore the current issues in history, theory, and criticism in the visual arts.

Prospects for Digital Humanities and the Arts
April 10-11, 2015

Preservation and Its Intellectual Framework
January 30–31, 2013

Who Are We? Where Have We Come From? Where Are We Going?
September 25–26, 2009

The Work of Art History in the Digital Age
June 27–28, 2008

INHA Workshops

Since 2007, the Institut national d'histoire de l'art (INHA) in Paris has worked collaboratively with the Research and Academic Program to sponsor week-long workshops held at the Foundation Hartung-Bergmann in Antibes, France, or at the Clark in Williamstown. The idea of each workshop is to bring scholars at all stages of their careers and from around the world to work intensively on a topic of broad methodological interest to the field of art history. The workshop extends the successful format of Clark colloquia that bring together groups of scholars for extended conversation out of the public glare. The first event was sponsored by the Florence Gould Foundation.

When Images Meet New Media
July 15–19, 2013

Looking at Contemporary Art Through Eyes Trained on the Past
June 27–July 2, 2011

August 17–21, 2009

What is Connoisseurship?
August 17–23, 2008

Iconography and Iconology Today
August 19–25, 2007

Pulitzer Workshops

In partnership with the Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts in St. Louis, Missouri, scholars, architects, curators, and directors of museums were brought together for a two-venue weekend, which started in St. Louis and continued in Williamstown.

Thinking Museums: What Do We Do With the Old Masters?
October 25–26, 2008

Getty Workshops

These workshops on "Art History and..." explored contemporary cultural concerns and their effects on the practice of art history from a number of different points of view. The workshops were designed to bring together fellows from the Clark and Getty to address collectively the political, theoretical, and methodological topics that connect art history to a variety of issues in the humanities and social sciences. Taking place both in Williamstown in autumn and the Getty in Los Angeles in the spring, these workshops were devoted to intensive discussion of topical readings and presentations, as well as to critical responses to new papers by the participants on the year's chosen issue.

Contemporaneity in the History of Art

Art History and Environment

Art History and the Present

Art History and Anti-Art

Art History and the Unseen

Art History and the Moving Image

Art History and Biography

Art History and Art Criticism

Art History and Identity


In addition to its fellowship program, the Clark organizes and invites proposals for year-round scholarly programs, including Clark Conferences, Lectures, International Initiatives, Symposia, Conversations, Colloquia, Curatorial Roundtables, and Workshops, which focus on vital topics in the field. These enrich the intellectual life of the Clark and contribute to a broader understanding of the role of visual art in culture.

Upcoming Events

Propose an Event

We welcome proposals twice a year for symposia, colloquia, curatorial roundtables, and workshops. We particularly seek ideas for multidisciplinary events that bring to public notice innovative work and research.


All application materials submitted by April 1, 2019, will receive a decision by June 1. All application materials submitted by October 1, 2019, will receive a decision by December 1.