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RAP symposium


RAP organizes and invites proposals for year-round scholarly programs, which allow for sustained inquiry into a particular subject or theme. We welcome topics that challenge traditional expectations for art historical thinking, center new voices, address issues of historical as well as contemporary urgency, and expand the boundaries of the field. These events contribute to a broader understanding of the role of visual art in culture and enrich the intellectual life of the Clark and its surrounding communities.

Public events


Clark Lectures, offered by Clark Fellows, present research to members of the community. 

May 12, 2022—MLCA Artist Lab Roundtable on Blackness as a multifaceted experience and giving artists an opportunity to interpret the world on their own terms

February 24, 2022—The Organic Line: Towards a Topology of Weak Links with Irene Small (Princeton University), Clark/Oakley Humanities Fellow 

March 1, 2022—Thomas Hirschhorn: Communication, Circulation, and the City with Lisa Lee (Emory University), Clark Fellow 

March 15, 2022—Where the Ozama Meets the Caribbean Sea: Dominican Art and Social Advocacy in the Ecotone with Lizabeth Paravisini-Gebert (Vassar College), Caribbean Art and Its Diasporas Fellow

April 5, 2022—Housework: A Memoir Museum with Vashti DuBois (The Colored Girls Museum), Critical Race Theory and Visual Culture Fellow

April 12, 2022—Artistic Practices in the French West Indies in the Context of the Slavery and Post-Slavery Eras (the 19th century to 1946) with Christelle Lozère (University of the Antilles), Clark Fellow

May 3, 2022—From the Tower to the Void: Mary Miss’s Perimeters/Pavilions/Decoys (1978) with Sarah Hamill (Sarah Lawrence College), Michael Ann Holly Fellow

May 10, 2022—Cultural Appropriation in Revolutionary Times: Toussaint Louverture and Body Adornment with Anne Lafont (EHESS, Paris), Williams Graduate Program in the History of Art

Seminar-style events


The Clark sponsors colloquia—small, semi-private gatherings of researchers who wish to discuss topics of mutual interest. Colloquia focus on an array of themes spanning the history and historiography of art. 


Exhibition Concept Workshops allow collaboration among curators who are at the very earliest stage of an exhibition’s development, when the ideas are still germinal. Such a gathering assists curators in deepening and refining the idea driving their exhibition.

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We welcome proposals twice a year for colloquia, exhibition concept workshops, and symposia. We seek ideas for interdisciplinary events that bring to public notice innovative work and research, particularly on topics related to diverse issues and practices that have historically been overlooked or sidelined in the discipline.


All applications submitted by April 1 will receive a decision by June 1 of that year. All applications submitted by October 1 will receive a decision by December 1.


In this series of lectures presented monthly between September 2020 and June 2021, foremost experts from Brazil present on Brazil’s artistic heritage and contemporary culture.