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Dialogue & New Directions

Dialogue & New Directions is a biannual digital newsletter from the Research and Academic Program to help us remain connected to our past fellows and also make visible to a wider public the extraordinary scholars, artists, curators, thinkers, and visionaries who come to RAP. Our work is grounded in uniting the solitary practice of writing and research with the necessary engagement of shared conversation. In this newsletter, we share these conversations with you.

Table of Contents

PANORAMA short essays for now

Anne Helmreich, Paul B. Jaskot, Niall Atkinson, Koenraad Brosens, André Dombrowski, Jacqueline Francis, Susan 

Elizabeth Gagliardi, Hubertus Kohle, Min Kyung Lee, Barbara McCloskey, Emily Pugh, and Blake Stimson on social

art history in the age of computational methods 

REFRACTION looking back & looking ahead

Saundra Weddle on mapping as method  

Emil Corb on restructuring collection hierarchies through metadata 

COLLECTING HISTORY new acquisitions

Andrea Puccio on preserving web-based art history  


Gage McWeeny on mediated pleasures 

Nancy Um on fluid intersections between media and theory 

Beth Fischer on digital models and materiality  

Dialogue & New Directions is edited by Caitlin Woolsey and designed by David Edge.