Dialogue & New Directions

Dialogue & New Directions is a biannual digital newsletter from the Research and Academic Program to help us remain connected to our past fellows and also make visible to a wider public the extraordinary scholars, artists, curators, thinkers, and visionaries who come to RAP. Our work is grounded in uniting the solitary practice of writing and research with the necessary engagement of shared conversation. In this newsletter, we share these conversations with you.

Table of Contents

PANORAMA short essays for now

Joan Kee on the geometry lessons of Afro Asia

Daniel M. Abramson, Zeynep Çelik Alexander, and Michael Osman on evidence, narrative, and writing architectural history

Adrienne L. Childs and Christa Clarke on finding Black Baroque

REFRACTION looking back & looking ahead

Elizabeth Mansfield and Emily Pugh on virtual/material: what matters for art history?

Caitlin Woolsey on listening to art

COLLECTING HISTORY new acquisitions

Susan Roeper on ancient Rome to Title IX


Lisa Dorin on feminism and the art world

Ajay Sinha on kin-making and the creaturely

Destinee Fillmore on the power of cultural texts


PERSPECTIVES thoughts on the field from former RAP interns

Ariel Kline

Jennifer Sichel

Dialogue & New Directions is edited by Caitlin Woolsey and designed by David Edge.