FEBRUARY 13–MAY 16, 2021

Quarante book

Maurice Le Garrec, publisher

French, 1881–1937

Forty Clichés-verre (Quarante Clichés-Glace)


Portfolio of clichés-verre, gelatin printing out prints

19 × 15 1/2 × 2 3/8 in.

Clark Art Institute

Acquired by the Clark, 2020


Quarante Clichés-Glace 

The prints in this exhibition belong to Forty Clichés-verre (Quarante Clichés-Glace), a portfolio released in 1921 by the dealer and publisher Maurice Le Garrec (1881–1937). Le Garrec had acquired a collection of nineteenth-century cliché-verre negatives amassed by Adalbert Cuvelier (1812–1871) and his son Eugène (1837–1900), who was one of the most energetic promoters of the cliché-verre process. Le Garrec had forty of those negatives reprinted on modern photographic paper and published the prints in an edition of 150 portfolios. He also produced a special edition of five portfolios comprising two variant printings of each negative, for a total of eighty prints. The Clark’s portfolio is from that special edition. Eight pairings of variant prints are included in this exhibition to demonstrate the range of expressive potential in printing a cliché-verre