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Dialogue & New Directions

Dialogue & New Directions is a biannual digital newsletter from the Research and Academic Program to help us remain connected to our past fellows and also make visible to a wider public the extraordinary scholars, artists, curators, thinkers, and visionaries who come to RAP. Our work is grounded in uniting the solitary practice of writing and research with the necessary engagement of shared conversation. In this newsletter, we share these conversations with you.

No. 1, September 2020

Table of Contents

PANORAMA short essays for now

David Joselit on non-contemporaneity and art in globalization

Jeehee Hong on the “fugitive” face in early Chinese art

Jiat-Hwee Chang on “selfish” technology and social inequality

REFRACTION looking back & looking ahead

Dell M. Hamilton on justice for Black women and the spatio-temporal dislocation of performance art now

Claudia Mattos Avolese on the precarious state of the arts in Brazil



Ivan Gaskell on reading generously

Susan Elizabeth Gagliardi and Alice Matthews reflect on evidence

Emmelyn Butterfield-Rosen on messages from history


PERSPECTIVES thoughts on the field from former RAP interns

Ashley Lazevnick

Jalen Chang

Dialogue & New Directions is edited by Caitlin Woolsey and designed by David Edge.