African and Afro-Brazilian Art Collections in Brazil WITH Roberto Conduru

February 25, 2021

The talk presents museums and archives with collections of African and Afro-Brazilian art, as well as other institutions such as terreiros also dedicated to producing, guarding, preserving, and presenting cultural values related to the connections between Brazil and Africa.



Roberto Conduru is Endowed Distinguished Professor of Art History at Southern Methodist University, in Dallas, Texas. Conduru’s research addresses modern and contemporary art and architecture in Brazil, with an emphasis on Afro-Brazilian art, as well as Constructivist art and architecture. His interests also encompass global art history and current debates in the visual cultures of Latin America and the trans-Atlantic world. Conduro is the author of Pérolas Negras – Primeiros Fios (EdUERJ, 2013) and Arte Afro-Brasileira (C/Arte, 2007), and co-author of Arte no Brasil no Século XIX (Barléu, 2020) and Architecture Agouda au Bénin et au Togo (Edições Fotorio, 2016). Conduro has served as curator on exhibitions including Quilombo do Rosário (Museu Bispo do Rosário Arte Contemporânea, Rio de Janeiro, 2018) and Incorporation – Afro-Brazilian Contemporary Art (Centrale Electrique, Brussels, 2011), and co-curator of Axé Bahia: The Power of Art in an Afro-Brazilian Metropolis (Fowler Museum UCLA, 2017) and Perles de Liberté – Bijoux Afro-Brésiliens (Grand Hornu Images, Hornu, 2011). He received a BA in architecture from Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro and a PhD in history from Universidade Federal Fluminense in Brazil.