Welcome to Clark in Your Classroom! Here you’ll find digital resources based on the Clark's collection that support educators and students, preschool through grade 12. These resources are designed to be flexible and adaptable for your use and connect to various Learning Standards. They can facilitate open-ended and structured conversations, fostering critical and creative thinking skills. 

Please revisit this page often to find new resources we are developing across the grades and subject areas.

clark connects curricula

Water wonders


A subject-related teacher resource packet designed to reinforce STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) standards from preschool - grade 8 with developmentally appropriate discussions, activities, and assignments inspired by works from the Clark's collection.

write at the clark 

english language arts & literacy teacher resource

A subject-related teacher resource packet specifically created to reinforce ELA writing standards from preschool - grade 12 through developmentally geared activities and assignments inspired by works from the Clark's collection.


Clark Connects Videos

for Educators, Grades 7 - 12

Each of these videos focuses on a specific artwork from the Clark's collection. The accompanying PDFs are organized by grade level and offer suggestions for your classroom teaching in multiple subjects. 

Rhinoceros by Albrecht Dürer


The Bug Plate by Lippert & Haas Manufactory


Awa Province: Naruto Whirlpools by Utagawa Hiroshige


Check out a variety of art-based activities that you can adapt for your classroom teaching.


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