Photograph of Yosemite National Park


Édouard Baldus, Self-Portrait in the Tuileries, c. 1856, salt print from wet-collodion-on-glass negative. The Clark, Gift of the Troob Family Foundation in honor of James A. Ganz, 2023.12

This exhibition features several new works that have been donated to the Clark in 2023, including the photograph (above) by Édouard Baldus, that are being shown here for the first time. Many of the objects shown in this exhibition were donated to the Clark by individuals. Works that have long given pleasure to private collectors take on new meaning in the museum context. They may resonate with other works in the Clark’s collection based on their time period and geography, medium and technique, or composition and subject matter, among many other elements. 

We are grateful to all the generous donors who have enriched the Clark’s holdings by making a gift of works that were once held in their personal collections.