Colorful paper artwork.

Dürer and the Moderns

Hermann Wöhler, The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, c. 1915-35, pen and black ink on cardboard. The Clark, 2022.6

Albrecht Dürer, foundational to any account of German art history, has likewise been central to the Clark's holdings of German art ever since 1968, with the sudden addition of more than 300 Dürer woodcuts, engravings, and etchings. The Clark has continued to add Dürer prints over the years, while also exploring less well-charted areas of German art. Dürer's exceptionally detailed, astonishingly assured technique has provided tangible inspiration to modern German artists of a visionary bent, such as Max Klinger (often categorized as a Symbolist or proto-Surrealist) and the mystically inclined Hermann Wöhler.