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Telegram from William Holston re acquistion of Renoir's "A Box at the Theater (At the Concert)."

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Pierre-Auguste Renoir

French, 1841–1919

A Box at the Theater (At the Concert)


Renoir made several paintings of spectators at theaters or concerts—a subject that explores the theme of seeing and being seen. Although the artist may have begun the painting as a portrait of specific individuals, he later reworked it to present two women whose identities and relationship are unknown. The subdued lighting and clearly defined forms suggest that Renoir was beginning to modify his experimental painting techniques by adopting a more traditional approach, as several critics noted when the work was first exhibited in 1882.

Medium oil on canvas
Dimensions 39 1/8 x 31 3/4 in. (99.4 x 80.7 cm) Frame: 49 1/2 × 41 5/8 × 3 1/4 in. (125.7 × 105.7 × 8.3 cm)
Object Number 1955.594
Acquisition Acquired by Sterling and Francine Clark before 1955
Status On View

Image Caption

Pierre-Auguste Renoir, A Box at the Theater (At the Concert), 1880, oil on canvas. Clark Art Institute, 1955.594

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