Discover a recent acquisition, an inkwell and self-portrait by Sarah Bernhardt. (Duration: 2 minutes)

Learn the history of Brotherly Love by George Gray Barnard. (Duration: 5 minutes) 

Learn more about a recent acquisition, Satan by Jean-Jacques Feuchere. (Duration: 2 minutes)

Explore the story behind the sculpture Daphnis and Chloe by the French artist Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux. (Duration: 5 minutes)


The lecture takes a painting in the Clark’s collection—Étienne Aubry’s Farewell to the Wet Nurse—as its point of departure to decipher what was expected of mothers in the Enlightenment.

The Swearing in of President Boyer at the Palace of Haiti is a recent acquisition by Adolphe-Eugène-Gabriel Roehn. (Duration: 3 minutes)

Enjoy a condensed version of Chief Curator Esther Bell's talk on landscape paintings, focused on Pierre-Auguste Renoir's Venice: The Doge's Palace. (Duration: 15 minutes)

Hear the story of The Chariot of Aurora, painted by the Italian artist Giovanni Battista Tiepolo. (Duration: 5 minutes)

Hear the story behind the painting and the artist of Brutus Condemning His Sons to Death by Guillaume Guillon Lethière. (Duration: 4 minutes)

Discover the history of the original frame for Fumee d’Ambre Gris, designed by John Singer Sargent himself. (Duration: 4 minutes)

Take a close-up look at Victoria Dubourg's still life Roses in a Porcelain Planter. (Duration: 4 minutes)


Learn more about Jenny Lind through an intriguing bottle from our permanent collection. (Duration: 2 minutes)

Learn about some of the lesser-known works in the Clark’s decorative arts collection. (Duration: 4 minutes)

Learn about some of the lesser-known works in the Clark’s decorative arts collection, starting with the Arthur J. Stone Iced Beverage Spoons, handmade by George C. Erickson. (Duration: 3 minutes)

Discover a striking piece of porcelain in our collection, informally called the “bug plate.” (Duration: 4 minutes)

Editor Kevin Bicknell revisits the production of the book Orchestrating Elegance: Alma-Tadema and the Marquand Music Room. (Duration: 4 minutes)


Sarah Grandin, the Clark-Getty Paper Project Curatorial Fellow, explores works on paper from the Clark’s collection to showcase the role print played in making the medium of drawing more accessible to the public in eighteenth-century France.

A recent acquisition highlights how ambrotypes lead to the democratization of the portrait through photography. (Duration: 3 minutes)

Enter the world of Japanese ukiyo-e prints with Hiroshige's, Awa Province: Naruto Whirlpools. (Duration: 2 minutes)

Hear the timely story behind James Jacques Joseph Tissot’s etching Foyer of the Comédie Française. (Duration: 4 minutes)

Miss Loïe Fuller by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (Duration: 2 minutes)

Rhinoceros by Albrecht Dürer, 1515 (Duration: 3 minutes)


Discover the wondrous holdings of the Mary Anne Beinecke Collection of Books on the Decorative Arts, and a recipe for New England Pancakes.  (Duration: 4 minutes)

Hear an introduction to the many riches within the Clark library collections. (Duration: 4 minutes)