Women with a Dog

Pierre Bonnard

French, 1867–1947

Women with a Dog


Bonnard’s painting shows his sister and cousin playing with the family dog in a garden, with three figures just visible behind them. The artist compressed the space and simplified the forms, flattening the folds and patterns of the women’s clothing. He also outlined shapes in pencil and ink, occasionally scratching them into the paint. These experimental techniques are characteristic of a decorative style pursued by a group of young painters known as the Nabis (Prophets), with whom Bonnard was associated at the time.

Medium oil and ink on canvas
Dimensions 16 1/8 x 12 13/16 in. (41 x 32.5 cm) Frame: 26 7/8 x 23 11/16 in. (68.3 x 60.2 cm)
Object Number 1979.23
Acquisition Acquired by the Clark, 1979
Status On View

Image Caption

Pierre Bonnard, Women with a Dog, 1891, oil and ink on canvas. Clark Art Institute, Acquired by the Clark, 1979.23


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