Graduate Program Class of 2024 Symposium

Graduate Program Class of 2024 Symposium

Friday, May 31, 2024

9:00 AM–6:00 PM
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Graduating Masters students in the Williams College/Clark Graduate Program in the History of Art culminate their studies by making public presentations on a wide variety of topics based on their research. The presentations, timed in conjunction with Williams’ 2024 Commencement Weekend, address important topics in the history of art, including the gendering of seventeenth-century sculpture, early cinema and death, Andy Warhol’s computer art during the early years of the AIDS crisis, and more.

Each of the graduating students speaks on their topic for approximately twenty minutes, in groups of three or four, with a discussion following each set of presentations. The presentations culminate the two-year graduate program, jointly administered by Williams and the Clark, which is widely considered one of the nation’s leading art history programs. Its alumni have gone on to become influential scholars and leaders of renowned museums and arts institutions, among other organizations.

The Class of 2024 presenters include:

Duomi Chen, Shenzhen, China
Jessica Chen, Sunnyvale, California
Ella Comberg, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Eva Dailey, Pownal, Vermont
Jordan David, Twinsburg, Ohio
Eliza Dermott, Middletown, Delaware
Joanna García Cherán (Purépecha), San Diego, California
Evan Garza, Houston, Texas
Nicholas Liou, Sunnyvale, California
Ricardo Mercado, Dallas, Texas
María Minuesa Sicilia, Madrid, Spain
Alexandra Nicome, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Destini Ross, Indianapolis, Indiana
Nathan Swift Sorscher, Birmingham, Alabama

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Free and open to the public. Accessible seats available; for information, call 413 458 0524.

Image: Meghan Considine, MA Class of 2023, presenting at the 2023 Graduate Symposium. Slide caption: Unattributed and undated photograph of Mohamed Melehi working in his studio with African Rhythms Club poster and Composition (1970). Printed in Melehi: Recent Paintings, (New York: Bronx Museum of Art, 1984): 11. Photo by Tucker Bair