CAI: Journal of the Clark Art Institute, Vol. 4

CAI: Journal of the Clark Art Institute, Vol. 4

CAI: Journal of the Clark Art Institute

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A Power Supreme
By James Hamilton
The guest curator of Turner: The Late Seascapes investigates J. M. W. Turner's fascination with the sea

What Lies Beneath
By Adam Greenhalgh
The inspiration for Turner: The Late Seascapes, the Clark's masterpiece Rockets and Blue Lights, is finally restored to reveal much of its original splendor

A Plan for the Future
A conversation with Michael Conforti
The Clark's director shares his insights on master planning, Tadao Ando's architecture, and the Institute's campus enhancement project

New England Pastoral
By Gary Hilderbrand
A naturalist's look at Stone Hill reveals the lingering influence of the region's agricultural past

Making the Collection Dance
By Evan Levy
The Internet provides exciting new opportunities for museum education

Grave Matters
By Jack Miles
The Pulitzer Prize-winning author offers his thoughts on death, as part of a recent Clark Symposium

The Finest Jewels in Your Crown
By Richard Kendall
The preeminent scholar of Edgar Degas explores the artist's spectacular--and rare--self-portraits in the Clark collection

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Full-color magazine
Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute

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