2010 Journal of the Clark

2010 Journal of the Clark

2010 Journal of the Clark

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Curating Outside the Box
By Christopher Marcisz
A writer explores how the Clark’s many guest curators help to develop exhibitions and to provide fresh perspectives on the collections

Bravo EspaƱa
This fall, the Clark opened major exhibitions in two Spanish cities – Barcelona and Madrid – within just one week; dominating the Spanish art world

Stewards of the Land
By Tresca Weinstein
Grounds manager Matt Noyes shares his thoughts about the specialness of the Clark’s property.

Spreading the Word
By D. R. Bahlman
The Center for Education in the Visual Arts, established in late 2006, promotes the Clark’s philosophy of interactive engagement with art in a series of lectures, courses, and colloquia throughout the world

It Takes a Village
A behind-the-scenes look at some of the many members of the Clark staff who make an exhibition possible


56 pages, 8 1/2 x 11 inches
Full-color magazine
Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute

ISBN 978-1-935998-01-3 (softcover)