February 2 through March 10, 2013


Clark Remix, an installation of some 400 works in the Institute's permanent collection, opened in February 2012 and features a salon-style installation and two new digital applications that offer exciting ways to engage with the collection. Visitors were invited to test their curatorial skills by using the uCurate application to create their own exhibitions, with the promise that the Clark would transform some of the most intriguing virtual exhibitions into actual installations in the museum's galleries.

Following Giselle's Remix, In/Visible is the second of the Clark's uCurate exhibitions and features an intriguing look at the worlds of women. The exhibition was created by Ashley Smith, a clergywoman from Stephentown, New York. Smith's show considers the different worlds and experiences of many of the women featured in works from the Clark's permanent collection. One world is comprised of women who are dressed and prepared to be seen and admired; they have sought out the painter's eye and are ready for the eye of the beholder. The other world is made up of more typically "invisible" women: washerwomen, fisherwomen, women who are servants, women who are performers and thus seen to make a living, and women whose status is unknown but who appear worn down by life.

Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot, Young Woman in a Pink Skirt, c. 1845–50. Oil on canvas, The Clark
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