March 23 through April 28, 2013


Everyday Nothing is the creation of Samantha Jones, a sophomore at the New Hampshire Institute of Art (NHIA). Jones became the Clark's third uCurate guest curator when her entry was chosen as the winner in the “Race to the Remix” curatorial challenge the Clark sponsored in January 2013. The 72-hour competition challenged entrants to create an exhibition using the Clark's interactive uCurate application. The uCurate application is connected to Clark Remix, an installation of some 400 works from the Institute's permanent collection, and allows users to design their own installation for a Clark gallery using works featured in the Remix exhibition.

Race to the Remix required participants to create an exhibition of exactly ten works of art from those featured in the Clark Remix exhibition, including Louis Léopold Boilly's Various Objects, and to incorporate the theme of poetic license in their curatorial statement.

Everyday Nothing, the final installation of a series of three guest-curated exhibitions at the Clark, follows eleven-year-old Giselle Ciulla's Giselle's Remix and Ashley Smith's In/Visible: Women of Two Worlds.

Louis Léopold Boilly, Various Objects, 1785. Oil on canvas. The Clark
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