Graduate Program Class of 2023 Symposium

Graduate Program Class of 2023 Symposium

Friday, June 2, 2023

9:00 AM–5:30 PM
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Graduating Masters students in the Williams College/Clark Graduate Program in the History of Art present public presentations. The presentations, timed in conjunction with Williams’ 2023 Commencement Weekend, address important topics in the history of art, from abstraction in American landscape painting, to a study of the Indian Arts and Crafts Board, to prurient fantasies in the marginalia of the Rutland Psalter. Each graduating student speaks on their topic for approximately twenty minutes, in groups of three or four, with a discussion following each set of presentations. The presentations are the culmination of the two-year graduate program, jointly administered by Williams and the Clark, that is widely considered one of the nation’s leading art history programs. Its alumni have gone on to become influential scholars and leaders of renowned museums and arts institutions, among other organizations.

Friday, June 2, 2023 in the Clark's auditorium

Coffee & Breakfast 8:30–9:00 am, Manton Research Center reading room

SESSION 1: 9:00–10:45
Introductory remarks by Marc Gotlieb, Halvorsen Director, Graduate Program
Nick Beischer “The Endless Column in the Twentieth Century” (Introduction, Elizabeth McGowan, Art Department)
Destinee Filmore “Seen and Unseen: Locating Abstraction in Nineteenth-Century Environmental Paintings” (Introduction, Kevin Murphy, Williams College Museum of Art)
Libby Kandel “The Indian Arts and Crafts Board and the Stamp of Authenticity” (Introduction, Christine DeLucia, History Department)

Discussion moderated by Lisa Dorin, Williams College Museum of Art
Coffee Break 10:45–11:05

SESSION 2: 11:05–12:35
Anthony Ortega “Consuming Ganymede at the Ancient Roman Banquet” (Introduction, Nicole Brown, Classics)
Manolis Elijah Sueuga “Erotic Fantasies in Marginalia of the Rutland Psalter” (Introduction, Elizabeth Sandoval, WCMA)
Talia Abrahams “Art from Torment: Sony Labou Tansi’s Novel A Life and a Half and a World War I Kongo Power Object” (Introduction, Michelle Apotsos, Art Department)

Discussion moderated by Michelle Apotsos

Symposium Lunch 12:35–2:00, Clark Center lower level

SESSION 3: 2:00–3:30
Delaney Keenan “The ‘Velázquez’ Enterprise of Guillaume Lethière and Lucien Bonaparte” (Introduction, Esther Bell, The Clark)
So Jeong Lim “Blue is the Whitest Color: Joséphine Bonaparte Between Caribbean Textiles and Imperial Style” (Introduction, Emmelyn Butterfield-Rosen, Graduate Program)
Max Gruber “Golden Extraction: The Legacy of the United Fruit Company in Contemporary Latin American Art” (Introduction, Robert Wiesenberger, The Clark)

Discussion moderated by Esther Bell

Coffee Break 3:30–3:50

SESSION 4: 3:50–5:20
Meghan Considine “Mohamed Melehi’s Print Media and the Futility of Importing Modernism” (Introduction, Mari Binnie, Art Department)
Luiza Repsold França “Threads of Trauma: Rosana Paulino, Sonia Gomes, and Arthur Bispo do Rosário” (Introduction, Caitlin Woolsey, The Clark)
Jordan Horton “QueerCode: Lucas Rochelle and Artificial Intelligence” (Introduction, Robert Wiesenberger, The Clark)

Discussion moderated by Caitlin Woolsey

Reception 5:30–6:30 Williams College Museum of Art

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Free and open to the public.