Artists' Books Weekend: Book Artist in Conversation—Angela Lorenz

Artists' Books Weekend: Book Artist in Conversation—Angela Lorenz

Sunday, March 26, 2023

2:00 PM–3:00 PM
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Director of the Library Andrea Puccio leads a lively conversation with renowned book artist Angela Lorenz. They delve into the stories behind some of her creations in the Clark library’s collection and her personal philosophy of what constitutes a book. The event is presented as part of Artists' Books Weekend.

Located in the Manton Research Center, the Clark library houses more than 5,400 books designed/created by artists as stand-alone works of art. On March 25–26, the Institute celebrates an Artists’ Books Weekend with special guest and internationally recognized book artist Angela Lorenz. The Clark holds more than thirty works by Lorenz, who, through her exquisitely crafted works and thought-provoking content, pushes us to expand our commonly accepted notion of what a book is.


In 2023, the Clark celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of the Manton Research Center building. We’re filling the calendar with a year-long series of events celebrating the building’s architecture and all the activities that happen inside, as well as the remarkable support of the Manton Foundation.

Photo of Angela Lorenz by Emilia Figliomeni.