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Michael Clemmons, Four Girls Ceramic Vessels. Photographer: Andrea Walls. 



Housework: A Memoir Museum 

Vashti DuBois (The Colored Girls Museum / Critical Race Theory and Visual Culture Fellow)

Founded in 2015, the Colored Girls Museum is housed in a three-story Victorian twin home in the historic Germantown area of Philadelphia. We are the first cultural institution to center and champion ordinary-extraordinary women and girls of African descent; citizens whose ingenuity and labor generates untold wealth, yet whose stories are often hidden from view. With each gallery-room curated by a different Black artist, the museum speaks many languages: sculpture, paint, textile, collage, metalwork, and other visual arts displayed alongside ordinary household objects. These rooms tell a crucial story––one that melds history and memory with glimpses of the future.

The lecture video will remain available until June 15, 2022.

Vashti Dubois is a social practice artist, creative scholar, and institution-builder who earned her BA at Wesleyan University. She has a background in theater and nonprofit program development, with an emphasis on women and girls. In 2015 she founded the Colored Girls Museum (TCGM) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a grassroots “place-based” living museum that honors and memorializes the experiences of women and girls of the African diaspora. Today TCGM is home base for an ever-widening circle of artists and scholars who create projects that center community. Dubois’ forthcoming book, Housework: A Memoir, will be released in 2023.