Premature, 6

Video installation
Twisting, writhing, and undulating cords intertwine in Premature, Steinkamp’s least figurative work in the exhibition. With their meat-like textures, these disquieting structures resemble internal organs. The artist references Jackson Pollock’s drip paintings, while magnifying and transforming his static loops of paint into lifelike tendons and arteries. The free-floating, abruptly severed ends of the fibers may represent the end of life, but their repeated movements—dancing together as they float upon the wall—underscore the cyclical nature of reproduction.
Courtesy of the artist and Lehmann Maupin, New York and Hong Kong

Jennifer Steinkamp (American, b. 1958), Premature, 6, 2010. Video installation, 11’ x 5’ 9” (3.35 x 1.75 m)