I/O Ensemble: Sequential

I/O Ensemble: Sequential


January 13, 2019

3:00 PM-4:00 PM

Michael Conforti Pavilion

The Williams College Department of Music’s I/O Fest 2019 presents Axxea String Quartet, Williams Percussion Ensemble, and I/O Ensemble for a free, one-hour concert of immersive music in the Clark’s Michael Conforti Pavilion. Featuring Tristan Perich’s Sequential for string quartet and percussion with gated amplification, this program places audiences deep inside an enveloping sound world in which listening is a form of active exploration.

Perich, whose music has been described by The Wire magazine as “an austere meeting of electronic and organic,” creates work inspired by the aesthetic simplicity of math, physics, and code. His work coupling 1-bit electronics with traditional forms in both music and visual art have been presented around the world, including in MOMA’s 2013 exhibition of his Microtonal Wall for 1,500 individual 1-bit speakers. Sequential invites the listener to burrow deep into the nature of sound and to hear a richly textured aural landscape from within. The program also features performers positioned spatially throughout the pavilion, allowing each listener a unique experience of a sound’s weight, color, speed, and texture.

Presented by I/O Fest and the Williams College Department of Music.

About I/O Fest

I/O Fest is the Williams College Department of Music's annual immersion in the music of today. Over the course of four days and nights students, faculty, guest performers, and audiences delve deeply into new and adventurous music from around the world and down the street. Performances, talks, and workshops are held in the '62 Center for Theatre & Dance and the Clark Art Institute, with a special interest in unconventional spaces and modes of performance. Featuring renowned guest artists and performances by the I/O Ensemble, IOTA, and many others, I/O invites listeners to explore the music of now.

I/O Fest was founded in 2010 by Steven Bodner, Matthew Gold, and David Kechley.

About Axxea String Quartet

Since its formation in 2016, the Axxea String Quartet (Ben Mygatt and Jeffrey Pearson, violins; Rebecca Christainsen, viola; Caroline Tally, cello) has established itself as one of the foremost chamber groups at Williams College. Under instruction from Muneko Otani and Ah Ling Neu of the Cassatt String Quartet, Axxea keeps an active concert schedule, performing at Williams and beyond. In 2018, the quartet represented Williams at the Intercollegiate Chamber Music Festival and Music Mountain Chamber Music Festival, where they worked with Paul Katz of the Cleveland Quartet. In past years, Axxea has collaborated with the Williams College Percussion Ensemble and performed with I/O Festival.

About Williams Percussion Ensemble

“The Williams Percussion Ensemble stood under the warm May sun and sent sharp-edged, tightly organized rhythmic salutes into the Berkshire hills.” —The Boston Globe

In programs featuring cutting-edge new music and important works of the twentieth century, the Williams Percussion Ensemble (WiPE) surveys a vast terrain of sound and rhythm. The ensemble employs all manner of percussion instruments, found sounds, and electronics to create music that resonates across boundaries of genre and discipline. In addition to performing music for percussion alone, the group presents works for mixed ensembles and new and experimental music for a range of instruments. The ensemble often works directly with composers and collaborates with artists in diverse media in order to explore the connections between sound, form, image, and movement. WiPE strives to offer creative programming, innovative presentation, and immersive experiences in which the listener is invited to hear music in new ways. In addition to its regular performance schedule in the Williams College Department of Music, WiPE has been heard at venues including the Clark, the ’62 Center for Theatre & Dance, Bennington College, and EMPAC (Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) and is featured on the annual I/O Festival of New Music.