Contemporaneous Concert

Contemporaneous Concert


August 19, 2017

4:00 PM-6:00 PM

Lunder Center at Stone Hill

In celebration of the Clark’s two Helen Frankenthaler exhibitionsAs in Nature and No Rules—Contemporaneous showcases the musical landscape of the Frankenthaler era, including works by Frederick Rzewski, Philip Glass, and Pauline Oliveros. Preceding the concert, musicians lead Oliveros’s “Heart Chant” (2001), an audience-participation ritual. Participants then walk the trail to the Lunder Center at Stone Hill for the main concert.

3:15 pm: Musical prologue, outdoors at Thomas Schütte: Crystal
4:00 pm: Concert, Lunder Center, Spencer Terrace

The concert program includes:

Philip Glass: Music in Similar Motion
Pauline Oliveros: “Sound Patterns”
Frederic Rzewski: “Coming Together”

This program offers a snapshot of the experimental music scene in New York from the late 1950s through the early 1970s. In each of these three pieces lies a revolutionary directness and a baring of the creative impulse—a similar approach taken by contemporary artist Helen Frankenthaler.

Listen to the unsparing political engagement in Frederic Rzewski’s “Coming Together,” the brutal and beautiful minimalist rejection of classical music's formal history in Philip Glass’s early work “Music in Similar Motion,” and Pauline Oliveros’s embrace of the improvisatory humanity of both performer and the audience.

About Contemporaneous

Based in New York City and active throughout the United States, Contemporaneous is an ensemble of twenty-one musicians whose mission is to bring to life the music of now. Recently recognized for a “ferocious, focused performance” (The New York Times) and for its “passionate drive...setting an extremely high bar for other ensembles to live up to” (“I Care If You Listen” blog), Contemporaneous performs and promotes the most exciting work of living composers through innovative concerts, commissions, recordings, and educational programs.

This program is supported in part by the Wise Family Charitable Foundation.