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London's National Theatre Live in HD:
Timon of Athens

Thursday, November 1, 2012
3:00 pm
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Now in its fourth season, NT Live delivers the best of British theater to cinemas around the world. Stage performances are captured live in front of an audience at London’s National Theatre and its collaborating companies. The shows are then broadcast in high definition across Europe and America.

Timon of Athens is a wealthy friend to the rich and powerful, a patron of the arts, and an ostentatious host who showers gifts and hospitality on the city’s elite. He vastly outspends his resources and finds his coffers empty, but reassures his loyal steward that all will be well. Methinks I could deal kingdoms to my friends, And ne’er be weary. When he calls upon his erstwhile associates, instead of offering help they hang him out to dry. After a final, vengeful banquet, Timon withdraws to a literal and emotional wasteland, living off roots and pouring ever more surreal curses on a morally bankrupt Athens. I am Misanthropos and hate mankind. For my part, I do wish thou wert a dog, That I might love thee something.

Simon Russell Beale takes the title role in Shakespeare’s strange fable of conspicuous consumption, debt, and ruin, written in collaboration with Thomas Middleton. $18 ($15 members and students). Tickets may be purchased online or by calling 413 458 0524. Please note change in time; performance starts at 3:00 pm.