Public Conversation: "Art History and Materiality"

Saturday, March 16, 2013
5:30 pm

“Art History and Materiality” endeavors to reveal the material underpinnings of art historical thought, both in its past traditions and its current practices. The motivation for the colloquium is twofold. First, to demonstrate the fundamental relevance of art history to the material turn in the wider humanities: especially its attention to artistic facture, experience, and medium. Second, to investigate how a renewed investment in materiality might embolden art history to recognize a diverse array of ideas (ritual, process, craft, and embodiment), which arguably have not informed adequately the discipline’s portrait of itself. To this end, the colloquium will bring together scholars from a range of disciplines and a variety of art historical subfields.

This public conversation will be the culminating event of the colloquium. Participants will share their perspectives, engage in dialogue, and answer questions. 

The colloquium is convened by: Jennifer Jane Marshall, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities and Kate Mondloch, University of Oregon

Participants include: Bill Brown, University of Chicago; Carolyn Dean, University of California, Santa Cruz; Susan Dackerman, Harvard Art Museums; Christina Kiaer, Northwestern University; Michelle Kuo, Artforum; Gregory Levine, University of California, Berkeley; Fred R. Myers, New York University; Bissera Pentcheva, Stanford University; Christopher B. Steiner, Connecticut College