Lewis Baltz (American, born 1945), Mission Viejo, 1968 (1970), Gelatin silver print, 14.5 x 21.4 cm, The Art Institute of Chicago, Gift of Lewis Baltz, 1972.219

Clark Symposium: Photography as Model?

Saturday, October 13, 2012
9:00 am

The move from analog to digital imaging prompted an avowed crisis in the study, display, and marketing of photography as art. Some twenty years after its initial popularization, digital photography is widely received in art-institutional circles as either the death or the rebirth of "classic" photographic practice. At this juncture it seemed important to reflect on the models used for discussing photographs as art. The time was also propitious for investigating how photographs model or have shaped discussions of modern and contemporary art in general. Drawing inspiration from Yve-Alain Bois's Painting as Model (1990), we argue that photography is neither dead nor does it have a single or singular life. The continuing vitality of photography depends upon changing and shifting its organizing principles, rules that permit us to analyze as well the conventions framing our own particular historical situation.

Participants included: Iliana Cepero Amador, Stanford University; George Baker, University of California, Los Angeles; Moyra Davey, New York; Georges Didi-Huberman, École des hautes études en sciences sociales, Paris; Maria Gough, Harvard University; and Kaja Silverman, University of Pennsylvania


Welcome - audio
Michael Ann Holly

Introduction to a Model Photograph - audio
Matthew Witkovsky

Introductions for Didi-Huberman, Gough, and Amador - audio
Matthew Witkovsky

André Malraux and His Musée Imaginaire - audio
Georges Didi-Huberman

Travels in Photographic Utopia: Lotte Jacobi in Soviet Central Asia
Maria Gough

Into the Wild: Representing Labor in the Magazine Cuba Internacional between 1968 and 1975 - audio
Iliana Cepero Amador

Introductions for Baker, Davey, and Silverman - audio
Iliana Cepero Amador

The Black Mirror - audio
George Baker

Abstract Promiscuous Narrative - audio
Moyra Davey

Posthumous Presence
Kaja Silverman