American Art Now: Aesthetics and Politics

October 18, 2003

This Clark Symposium focused on questions related to the meaning and significance of contemporary American art: What are the aesthetic and political advantages, particularly today, of the lack of a single direction in contemporary American art? Does it make sense anymore to speak categorically of "what's American," especially in an increasingly international art world? A panel of historians, critics, and curators considered both American and non-American points of view.

Talks included:

Contemporary Art After the Culture Wars
Richard Meyer, University of Southern California

Documentary/Verité: Photography, Film, Video, Documentation, or, The Figure of Truth in Contemporary Art
Okwui Enwezor, Artistic Director, Documenta 11, and University of Pittsburgh

The American Effect
Lawrence Rinder, Whitney Museum of American Art

The Post-national Condition of American Art
Miwon Kwon, University of California, Los Angeles

Art in America
Arthur C. Danto, Art Critic,The Nation, and Columbia University

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