Reconfiguring the Medieval and Renaissance Collections at the Victoria and Albert Museum

November 25 - 26, 2002

This two-day conference brought together professors, scholars, and museum officials to discuss issues regarding the new interpretation and display of the V&A’s Medieval and Renaissance Collection as well as a rethinking of the categories of visual and material culture. This colloquium was hosted by Michael Conforti, director of the Clark, and Michael Ann Holly, director of Research and Academic Programs at the Clark.

Participants included: (From the Victoria and Albert Museum: Malcolm Baker, Glyn Davies, Stuart Frost, Gwyn Miles, Petra Motture, Luke Syson), Marietta Cambarari (Museum of Fine Arts, Boston), Samuel Edgerton (Williams College), James Ganz (the Clark), Ralph Lieberman (independent scholar/artist), Andrew McClellan (Tufts University), Andrew Morrall (Bard Graduate Center), Jackie Musacchio (Vassar College), Lawrence Nees (University of Delaware), Vivian Patterson (Williams College Museum of Art), Danielle Rice (Philadelphia Museum of Art), Barbara Robertson (Williams College Museum of Art), Angela Rosenthal (Clark Fellow and Dartmouth College), Stephanie Solum (Williams College), John Stomberg (Williams College Museum of Art), and Ian Wardropper (Metropolitan Museum of Art).