Art, the Book, and the World

 September 18, 2004

This colloquium, convened by Bob Volz, was presented in collaboration with Williams College and the Chapin Library on the occasion of the exhibition The Book as a Work of Art: The Cranach Press of Count Harry Kessler, on view at Chapin Library and the Williams College Museum of Art from July to September 2004. It brought together curators, art historians, historians, and creators of artist books to discuss the life, work, and legacy of Count Harry Kessler, whose extraordinary reach into early-twentieth-century German culture is witnessed not only in his creation of the Cranach Press but his many links with the literary, artistic, and political cultures of his times.

Participants included: John Dieter Brinks (independent scholar and Kessler/Cranach Press Collector, Laubach, Germany), Laird Easton (California State University, Chico), Thomas Föhl (Kunstsammlungen zu Weimar, Weimar, Germany), Alexandra Garbarini (Williams College), Charles W. Haxthausen (director, Williams College Graduate Program in Art History), Reinhold Heller (University of Chicago), Gunnar A. Kaldewey (Proprietor, Kaldewey Press, Poestenkill, NY), Françoise Forster-Hahn (University of California, Riverside), Stefanie Spray Jandl (Williams College Museum of Art), John R. Stomberg (associate director, Williams College Museum of Art), and Robert L. Volz (custodian of the Chapin Library, Williams College).