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Who Are We? Where Have We Come From?
Where Are We Going?

September 25 - 26, 2009

This colloquium, convened by Chuck Henry, president, CLIR; Michael Ann Holly, director of the Clark’s Research and Academic Program; and Mark Ledbury, associate director of the Research and Academic Program, brought together art historians and scholars to explore the challenges and opportunities for the discipline art history in light of new technologies, ways of thinking, and cultural circumstances. The participants sought to identify major trends in the discipline, explore where the excitement and the innovations in the field lie, and tease out the priorities that are emerging in the present and might well emerge in the future. This colloquium was organized with the generous support of the Samuel H. Kress Foundation.

Participants included:

Lucia Allais, Princeton University
Frederick M. Asher, University of Minnesota
Melissa Chiu, Asia Society Museums/Global Art Programs
David Peters Corbett, Vanbrugh College, University of York
Whitney Davis, University of California, Berkeley
Charles J. Henry, CLIR
Grant H. Kester, University of California, San Diego
Robert Nelson, Yale University
Howard Singerman, University of Virginia

Please click here for the full program.