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The Puposeful Flight (La fuite a dessein), 1783, by Jacques Couche (Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute)

Printed Love

October 28, 2007 - January 21, 2008

Eighteenth-century France had a flourishing market in artists’ prints and illustrated books. Printed Love draws from Clark collections to provide a broad picture of the variety of ways in which the theme of love was addressed in print in the eighteenth century during this period. Among the works on display are several masterpieces of French Rococo book illustration, many still in contemporary bindings, by master designers and engravers such as Jean Michel Moreau Le Jeune and Nicolas Delaunay. From the flirtatious to the libertine, from the light-hearted to the moralizing, these works give a sense of the context in which Fragonard’s allegories of love were viewed and appreciated.

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