A Way of Catching Fish in Their Own Home, plate 32 from Miscellany, 1849, by Honoré Daumier (Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute)

Special Installation: A River Runs Through It: Images of the Seine

January 14, 2005 - April 3, 2005

Flowing through the heart of Paris, the River Seine provides the French capital with its lifeblood. In the nineteenth century, the Seine facilitated both commerce and leisure, and became a favorite subject for artists. From ancient pumps and bridges to modern bathing barges, the river provided countless pictorial opportunities for painters and illustrators.  In the winter of 1910, Parisians were reminded of the potential hazards of the Seine when it rose to a record level and flooded the city. The damage was recorded in a series of remarkable photographs showing the proud urban environment humbled by the force of nature. This installation also included prints and drawings and featured works by Honoré Daumier, Charles Meryon, and Pierre Bonnard.

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