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The Château de la Faloise by Édouard Baldus

Édouard Baldus
French, 1813-1882
The Château de la Faloise
Salted paper print from wet-collodion-on-glass negative
30.7 x 40 cm
Acquired by the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute, 1998

Édouard Baldus was the most important French architectural photographer of the 1850s. On one summer day in 1857, he created a remarkable series of views of the Château de la Faloise in which his subject was not primarily the country house, but a group of people taking their leisure on its grounds. Posing before the garden façade of the château in the manner of an English conversation-piece are the estate's owner, Frédéric Bourgeois de Mercey, and his family. De Mercey was an artist, author, and director of the Fine Arts Office of the French Ministry of State, as well as a founding member of the Société Héliographique (French photographic society).