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Teakettle, Stand, and Lamp by Paul de Lamerie

Paul de Lamerie
English, 1688-1751
Teakettle, Stand, and Lamp
London, 1745-6 (kettle and stand), 1746-7 (lamp)
Kettle: 22 cm high, 24.4 cm wide at spout
Stand and lamp: 11.1 cm high, 15.9 cm wide

This teakettle on a stand is one of four such kettles in the Clark's collection that were made by the famed silversmith Paul de Lamerie (1688-1751). The shape of the teakettle, the inverted pear shape (pyriform), allowed Lamerie to obtain greater highlights in the ornamentation. This beautiful example of Lamerie's later work is embellished with floral festoons, scrolls, shells, and, in the central panel, a chinoiserie vignette showing a figure in the act of pouring tea.