To participate and contribute to uCurate the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute requires that you provide limited contact and personal information.  Your information will not be provided to any other person or third-party organization without your consent.

The Clark has contracted for uCurate computer program hosting services with reputable third-party vendors and has taken all reasonable precautions to insure that the privacy of both in-gallery and online uCurate participants is protected and will be used solely for uCurate purposes. The Clark does not solicit personal information from children. Visitors under the age of seventeen should obtain permission from a parent or guardian before submitting a uCurate exhibition as well as any personal information such as an email address to this or any other website. Please note that you may be contacted by a member of the Clark staff about your submission to uCurate and that all submissions may be shared with other visitors to the Clark or the Clark’s website. By submitting a virtual exhibition to uCurate you give your permission for the Clark to contact you and to share your submission with the general public through its website and in-gallery displays.


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