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    Pierre-Auguste Renoir

    The early works of Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841-1919) are tightly composed and highly finished, and his mode of execution was traditional. His painting style changed dramatically in the summer of 1869, when he joined Monet, Pissarro, and Sisley on an excursion to Bougival and Louveciennes, small towns on the Seine outside of Paris. Monet's gestural approach to painting encouraged Renoir to handle paint more freely, although Renoir's style would remain distinct from his friend's: while Monet created harsh and clearly circumscribed brushstrokes with fat pigments and flat-ended brushes, Renoir employed thinned paint to create liquid strokes of color that shimmered across his canvases. Such fluency can be seen in Road at Wargemont, where everything quivers with movement: wind gusts through the trees, sends clouds scudding across the sky, and prevents the rain from striking the earth.

    In addition to quickly painted landscapes, Renoir's oeuvre is filled with rapidly executed images of the human figure. Both he and Berthe Morisot expressed the human form in disconnected strokes or touches of paint that seemed to disembody it more than form it. The man and woman in By the Fireplace are evoked not by definite contour lines but with hundreds of quickly applied overlapping gestures of the paintbrush.

    Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Road at Wargemont
    Click to enlarge Pierre-Auguste Renoir
    Road at Wargemont, 1879

    Pierre-Auguste Renoir, By the Fireplace
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    By the Fireplace, 1876

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