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    Edouard Manet

    Although Edouard Manet (1832-1883) championed the younger Impressionists, he never directly joined their cause by exhibiting with them. Throughout his career, however, he painted works that exploited the speed and immediacy characteristic of informal, rapidly executed oil paintings. These he signed and exhibited, challenging the notion of a finished picture. In The Races at Longchamps he simultaneously represents stationary and rapidly moving forms from the dangerous vantage point of the racetrack. The variety of the brushwork in the canvas is extraordinary: the landscape, the most stable element in the composition, is rendered with viscous paint and large brushes, while the horses and jockeys are expressed with rapid strokes of pigment.

    Manet often portrayed the vibrant urban scene of Paris. In Woman Reading, a well-dressed woman sits in an outdoor café and scans the pages of an illustrated journal, her frothy beer at her side. Despite her stationary position, her rapidly executed form and the quickly applied paint elsewhere in the canvas suggest the bustle and commotion of the modern world around her.

    Edouard Manet, The Races at Longchamps
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    The Races at Longchamps, 1866

    Edouard Manet, Woman Reading
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    Woman Reading, 1878-79

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