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Garden Landscape with Hilltop (detail)
Oil on canvas
Kunsthaus Zug / Foundation Kamm Collection, Switzerland

This exhibition occurred in the past. This website is available for informational purposes only.

Vienna Willkommen Family Day

"The hills are alive" with the sights and sounds of Vienna for this outdoor family festival. An entertainment showcase by Berkshire organizations participating in "The Vienna Project" will include a children's version of The Magic Flute by the Berkshire Theatre Festival and a dance performance by Shakespeare & Company's Susan Dibble interpreting the art of Gustav Klimt. See alphorn demonstrations or try your hand (or throat?) at yodeling. Visit Freud's couch for your photo souvenir. Enjoy a petting zoo and children's art activities, and hear the twelve-piece Oberlaendler Hofbrau Band. Food vendors will offer spƤtzle, strudel, and schnitzel in addition to pizza, ice cream, and other "kid-friendly" fare. Gallery talks of the Vienna exhibitions will be presented at 11:00 am, 1:00 pm, and 3:00 pm

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