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A Bivouac Fire on the Potomac
Minnie Clyde
The Wheelbarrow Polka
The Match Between Sophs and Freshmen—The Opening; Freshmen and Sophs; Juniors and Seniors
A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Thanksgiving Day—Ways and Means and  Thanksgiving Day—Arrival at the Old Home; Thanksgiving Day—The Dinner and Thanksgiving Day—The Dance
The Songs of the War
The Great Russian Ball at the Academy of Music, November 5, 1863
Family Party Playing at Fox and Geese; Coasting Out of Doors
Family Party Playing at Fox and Geese
Near the Broken Stile
Driving Home the Corn; The Dance after the Husking
Husking the Corn in New England
A Cadet Hop at West Point
The Russian Ball—In the Supper Room
A Parisian Ball—Dancing at the Casino