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Charge of the First Massachusetts Regiment on a Rebel Rifle Pit near Yorktown
The Army of the Potomac—Our Outlying Picket in the Woods
News from the War
The Surgeon at Work at the Rear during an Engagement
The War for the Union, 1862—A Bayonet Charge
Thanksgiving in Camp
A Shell in the Rebel Trenches
Winter-Quarters in Camp—The Inside of a Hut
Home from the War
The Russian Ball—In the Supper Room
"Any Thing for Me, If You Please?"—Post-Office of the Brooklyn Fair in Aid of the Sanitary Commission
Floral Department of the Great Fair
Thanksgiving-Day in the Army—After Dinner: The Wish-Bone
Holiday in Camp—Soldiers Playing "Foot-Ball"
Our Watering-Places—The Empty Sleeve at Newport
Our Watering-Places—Horse-Racing at Saratoga