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Gathering Berries
Eight Bells
Standing Man Looking Toward Two Drowning Figures (Study for Undertow)
Standing Man Looking Away from Two Drowning Figures (Study for Undertow)
Standing Man (Study for Undertow)
Drowning Figures (Study for Undertow)
Two Drowning Figures (Study for Undertow)
Three Central Figures (Study for Undertow)
Perils of the Sea
Life Line
Fisher Girl with Net
Schooner at Anchor
Mending the Tears
Beach Scene, Cullercoats
"Dad's Coming!"
The Wreck of the "Atlantic"—Cast up by the Sea
Seesaw—Gloucester, Massachusetts
Gathering Berries
High Tide
Low Tide
At Sea—Signalling a Passing Steamer
Bathing at Long Branch,—"Oh, ain't it cold."
The Bathers
Sea-Side Sketches—A Clam Bake
Ship-Building, Gloucester Harbor
On the Beach at Long Branch—The Children's Hour
The Battle of Bunker Hill—Watching the Fight from Copp's Hill, in Boston
A Littoral Tile
Pictures from the Spring Exhibition of the National Academy of Design
The Beach at Long Branch
Landing at the Cape; Morning Ablutions
The Bathe at Newport
August in the Country—The Sea-Shore
Our Watering-Places—The Empty Sleeve at Newport
Winter at Sea—Taking in Sail off the Coast
On the Bluff at Long Branch, at the Bathing Hour
On the Beach—Two are Company, Three are None
Gloucester Harbor
Raid on a Sand-Swallow Colony—"How Many Eggs?"
Flirting on the Sea-Shore and on the Meadow
Saco Bay
Eastern Point
West Point, Prout's Neck
Perils of the Sea
Summer Squall
The Approach of the British Pirate "Alabama"
Study for Undertow
Yachting Girl
Two Heads (Study after "Undertow")
A Voice from the Cliffs