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Gen. Jackson's Escape
Combat between Mordaunt and Fenwick
A Parisian Ball—Dancing at the Casino
A Parisian Ball—Dancing at the Mabille, Paris
Art-Students and Copyists in the Louvre Gallery, Paris
"Winter"—A Skating Scene
St. Valentine's Day—The Old Story in All Lands
The Morning Walk—Young Ladies' School Promenading the Avenue
The Fourth of July in Tompkins Square, New York—"The Sogers are Coming"
Fire-Works on the Night of the Fourth of July
New-England Factory Life—"Bell-Time"
"Our Next President"
I Cannot! It Would Be a Sin! A Fearful Sin!
Winter at Sea—Taking in Sail off the Coast
Jurors Listening to Counsel, Supreme Court, New City Hall, New York
"Hi! H-o-o-o! He Done Come! Jumboloro Tell You Fust"