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The Army of the Potomac—A Sharp-Shooter on Picket Duty
A Bivouac Fire on the Potomac
Eight Bells
The Summit of Mount Washington
Standing Man Looking Toward Two Drowning Figures (Study for Undertow)
Standing Man Looking Away from Two Drowning Figures (Study for Undertow)
Head with Sailor Hat
Standing Man (Study for Undertow)
Drowning Figures (Study for Undertow)
Three Central Figures (Study for Undertow)
Perils of the Sea
Life Line
The Wheelbarrow Polka
Schooner at Anchor
A Good Pool, Saguenay River
The Match Between Sophs and Freshmen—The Opening; Freshmen and Sophs; Juniors and Seniors
A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
The Eagle's Nest
Christmas—Gathering Evergreens and The Christmas Tree; Santa Claus and his Presents and Christmas Out of Doors
Thanksgiving Day—Ways and Means and  Thanksgiving Day—Arrival at the Old Home; Thanksgiving Day—The Dinner and Thanksgiving Day—The Dance
Christmas Belles
Christmas Boxes in Camp—Christmas, 1861
Thanksgiving Day—Ways and Means, and, Thanksgiving Day—Arrival at the Old Home
Santa Claus and His Presents, and, Christmas Out of Doors
A Winter Morning,—Shovelling Out
Camping out in the Adirondack Mountains
Trapping in the Adirondacks
The Wreck of the "Atlantic"—Cast up by the Sea
Two Guides
Tenth Commandment
Danger Ahead
Spring Farm Work—Grafting
A Quiet Day in the Woods
The Coolest Spot in New England—The Summit of Mount Washington
A Country Store,—Getting Weighed
At Sea—Signalling a Passing Steamer
Ship-Building, Gloucester Harbor
The Last Days of Harvest
The Chinese in New York—Scene in a Baxter Street Club-House
The Battle of Bunker Hill—Watching the Fight from Copp's Hill, in Boston
Punpkins among the Corn
The Sower
A Littoral Tile
A Distinguished Fisherman Enjoying His Well-Earned Vacation
Pictures from the Spring Exhibition of the National Academy of Design
The Grand Review at Camp Massachusetts, near Concord, September 9, 1859
Skating on the Ladies' Skating-Pond in the Central Park, New York
The Drive in the Central Park, New York, September, 1860
Thanksgiving Day, 1860.—The Two Great Classes of Society
Seeing the Old Year Out—Watch Night
The Inauguration of Abraham Lincoln as President of the United States, at the Capitol, Washington, March 4, 1861.—[From a Drawing made on the Spot.]
The Songs of the War
Great Fair Given at the City Assembly Rooms, New York, December, 1861, in Aid of the City Poor
Our Army before Yorktown, Virginia
The War for the Union 1862—A Cavalry Charge
Pay-Day in the Army of the Potomac
The Great Russian Ball at the Academy of Music, November 5, 1863
The Beach at Long Branch
Our Women and the War
Corner of Winter, Washington and Summer Street, Boston
The Fountain on Boston Common
A Boston Watering-Cart
View in South Market Street, Boston
Rembrandt Peale
Emigrant Arrival at Constitution Wharf, Boston
Boston Evening Street Scene, at the Corner of Court and Brattle Streets
Blindman's Buff; Husking Party Finding the Red Ears
Husking Party Finding the Red Ears
Family Party Playing at Fox and Geese; Coasting Out of Doors
Family Party Playing at Fox and Geese
The Late William Wood
Hon. William Haile, Governer of New Hampshire
Hon. Robert I. Burbank
Near the Broken Stile
Landing at the Cape; Morning Ablutions
Cooking; The Tent
Spring in the City
The Boston Common
Picnicking in the Woods
The Bathe at Newport
Driving Home the Corn; The Dance after the Husking
Husking the Corn in New England
Skating on Jamaica Pond, Near Boston
Sleighing in Haymarket Square, Boston; Sleighing on the Road, Brighton, near Boston
March Winds; April Showers
May-Day in the Country
August in the Country—The Sea-Shore
A Cadet Hop at West Point
Fall's Games—The Apple-Bee
A Snow Slide in the City
The Sleighing Season—The Upset
Scene in Union Square, New York, on a March Day
The Georgia Delegation in Congress
The Seceding Mississippi Delegation in Congress
The Seceding Mississippi Delegation in Congress
The Late Rev. Dr. Murray
The Inaugural Procession at Washington Passing the Gate of the Capitol Grounds
The Seventy-Ninth Regiment (Highlanders), New York State Militia
Advance Guard of the Grand Army of the United States Crossing the Long Bridge over the Potomac at 2 a.m. on May 24, 1863
Crew of the United States Steam-Sloop "Colorado," Shipped at Boston, June, 1861
Filling Cartridges at the United States Arsenal, at Watertown, Massachusetts
Rebels Outside Their Works at Yorktown Reconnoitring with Dark Lanterns
The Union Cavalry and Artillery Starting in Pursuit of the Rebels up Yorktown Turnpike
Charge of the First Massachusetts Regiment on a Rebel Rifle Pit near Yorktown
The Army of the Potomac—Our Outlying Picket in the Woods
News from the War
The Surgeon at Work at the Rear during an Engagement
The War for the Union, 1862—A Bayonet Charge
Thanksgiving in Camp
A Shell in the Rebel Trenches
Winter-Quarters in Camp—The Inside of a Hut
Home from the War
The Russian Ball—In the Supper Room
"Any Thing for Me, If You Please?"—Post-Office of the Brooklyn Fair in Aid of the Sanitary Commission
Floral Department of the Great Fair
Thanksgiving-Day in the Army—After Dinner: The Wish-Bone
Holiday in Camp—Soldiers Playing "Foot-Ball"
Our Watering-Places—The Empty Sleeve at Newport
Our Watering-Places—Horse-Racing at Saratoga
Looking at the Eclipse
Thanksgiving Day—Hanging up the Musket
Thanksgiving Day—The Church Porch
The Bright Side
The Autumn Woods
Gen. Jackson's Escape
Combat between Mordaunt and Fenwick
A Parisian Ball—Dancing at the Casino
A Parisian Ball—Dancing at the Mabille, Paris
Art-Students and Copyists in the Louvre Gallery, Paris
"Winter"—A Skating Scene
St. Valentine's Day—The Old Story in All Lands
The Morning Walk—Young Ladies' School Promenading the Avenue
The Fourth of July in Tompkins Square, New York—"The Sogers are Coming"
Fire-Works on the Night of the Fourth of July
New-England Factory Life—"Bell-Time"
"Our Next President"
I Cannot! It Would Be a Sin! A Fearful Sin!
Winter at Sea—Taking in Sail off the Coast
Jurors Listening to Counsel, Supreme Court, New City Hall, New York
"Hi! H-o-o-o! He Done Come! Jumboloro Tell You Fust"
“I call them my Children—to myself, Susan"
Weary and Dissatisfied with Everything
"All in the Gay and Golden Weather"
The Artist in the Country
The Last Load
The Picnic Excursion
The Straw Ride
Deer-Stalking in the Adirondacks in Winter
Lumbering in Winter
Making Hay
On the Beach—Two are Company, Three are None
Station-House Lodgers
Watch Tower, Corner of Spring and Varick Streets, New York
Flirting on the Sea-Shore and on the Meadow
Floral Department of the Great Fair
Our National Winter Exercise—Skating
An October Day
Playing a Fish
Perils of the Sea
The Approach of the British Pirate "Alabama"
Fishing in the North Woods
Fly Fishing, Saranac Lake
Zekle Crep' Up Quite Unbeknown An' Peeked In Thru' the Winder
Says He, I'd Better Call Agin
An' Wal, He Up an' Kist Her
In Meetin' Come Nex' Sunday